Corporate Office

Who We Are

RFM Int'l is composed of a group of professionals; with hundreds of years of experience, collectively, in the refining industry.

Our expertise is in the following areas:

› Refinery operations
› Debottlenecking process units
› Engineering and design
› Fabrication and construction

Our team members have played crucial roles in leading the design and construction of grassroots refineries and have had key responsibilities in revamps of existing refinery process units and process equipment.

What We Do

Our specialty is undertaking new refineries and new refinery process units; their design and construction. We have at our disposal a pool of extreme talent and experience in the refining industry. Our specialty is to provide a turnkey project to the client; with a guarantee that the facility will meet or exceed design expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a safe and reliable facility to the clients; to complete the project work scope within cost budget and within time allocated. Over the years we have served many refining clients within the US and internationally.

Our Capabilities

When it comes to refineries, we are experts. We have the people, the knowledge, the talent and the experience to handle engineering design, procurement, fabrication, and construction of any size refinery; and to guarantee its performance.

We also have talents available to start-up and operate the refinery in cases where the client desires.

Our Resources

RFM Int'l has the resources, both finances and people talent, to provide clients with a turnkey refinery from conception to completion; and essentially any project in between, revamps, expansions, training, operations, etc.

Our Goals

While we expect to make a modest financial profit our prime goal is to have a satisfied client that will use our services for future projects.

Where We Work

Our corporate office is located in Dallas, Texas. This is where we handle routine activities such as payroll, accounting, procurement, accounts payable, etc. The real bulk of our work is done on the client's refinery site, in the supplier's shops, etc.

Our Financing

Over the years we have handled many refinery jobs; of all sizes. There have been many consulting jobs where only competent expert engineering advice was required. We have performed numerous intermediate sized jobs involving process unit modifications or revamps; ranging in cost from $100,000 to several hundred million $. We have participated in a few very large refinery jobs where cost exceeded $1 billion. Small jobs require no financing. Intermediate size and big jobs require credit lines. These credit lines are backed internally to a point and where large enough they are backed by outside investors in the project; sweetheart investors. We have never had any significant problem in obtaining investor backed credit lines.