New Grassroots Refinery | Project management

Provided project manager and several other key individuals. Engineers and managers for design and construction of new 200,000 b/d grassroots refinery; built in Garyville, Louisiana; client was ECOL (Energy Corporation of Louisiana); current owner/ operator is Marathon Refining Company; Marathon's flagship refinery.

Crude Unit Revamp | Engineering study and implement modifications

Revamp of existing crude unit to increase crude capacity from 35,000 b/d to 75,000 b/d; Petroplus; Antwerp, Belgium.

Vacuum Unit Revamp | Project design & installation

Provided engineering and design for modification to an existing vacuum unit. This was a project to debottleneck vacuum unit capacity and to permit deeper fractionation into vacuum residue; ultimately increasing yields of high value products; gasoline and diesel; and decreasing the yield of lower value asphalt blend stock. Project was total success; location, Chicago; client, Premcor Refining.

New Tank Farm | Project management

Provided project manager and other key engineering management for the construction a new tank farm and ship/ barge loading & unloading docks and related facilities; a $200 million project; location was Amsterdam, Netherlands; client was NuStar Energy.

Refinery manager

Provided experienced refinery expert and other experienced engineering and professionals; to manage safe rebuilding and operation of 100,000 b/d refinery after its destruction by a catastrophic explosion.

Refinery Due-diligence | Provided refining talent

Supplied team of engineers to perform due-diligence for the purchase of an existing, operating 100,000 b/d refinery in Antwerp, Belgium; client was Petroplus.

Supplied engineering talent to perform due-diligence on several refineries under consideration; client was Clark Refining.

Revamp/ Expansion | FCC and Alky revamp and expansion

Provided engineering study and implemented modifications to revamp and expand capacity and improve gasoline/ diesel yields of both units. Location, New Orleans; client Murphy Refining.


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